EDX for Senior Leaders

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There's no such thing as leadership nirvana.

We can always be improving.

Learn to build a culture that champions learning with DX Learning’s EDX for executives and senior leaders. This leadership simulation concentrates on reviewing high-level people-first skills, strengthening self-awareness and putting this refreshed leadership outlook to the test in real-life strategic exercises. Leaders will leave the simulation with the skills to lead by example.

Plan for the future of your culture.

It’s a common assumption in organizations: The more senior the leader, the more they must know how to lead people. Trust us, this often isn’t true. Despite years of experience, leaders can lose sight of the things that engage employees and inspire results.

Self-awareness and people-first thinking. This is the stuff great leaders are built on. EDX for Senior Leaders focuses on strengthening your self-awareness, your human skills and the quality of your feedback so you can more effectively engage and empower your people.

Did you know?

Senior leaders lacking in self-awareness are 600% more likely to fail to perform at the level expected of them.1

89% of executives consider their leadership pipeline an urgent issue.2

Companies spend $14 billion on leadership development that doesn't work.3


1. PDI Ninth House. “Accurate Self-Insight Decreases Derailment Risk,” Leadership Research Bulletin, Jan 24, 2013
2. https://hbr.org/2016/10/the-5-elements-of-a-strong-leadership-pipeline
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Why we call experience the best teacher.


For our EDX leadership simulation, our learning architects expertly balance immersive self-discovery techniques with the latest research into how the brain learns. It offers a safe environment to explore and uncover all of your personal leadership characteristics and map out the behavioral leadership solutions needed to improve yourself and your organization.

Customizable, scalable and designed to excite you and your people, EDX will give you and your entire leadership team a much-needed dose of humility, helping you think like students, act like coaches and rise to the demands of today’s top talent.

Program Highlights

Duration: 1-day simulation + 8-week habit reinforcement package

Designed for: Executives + senior leaders

Designed to: Refine the behaviors needed to model people-first thinking

Delivery: EDX for Senior Leaders can be customized to your organization and is scalable up to 200 participants

Focus: Leadership Enhancement



EDX is part of the CARE model, a proprietary cultural diagnostic tool designed to help you map simple behavioral leadership improvements your organization needs to build psychological safety.

You and your team will...


Challenge yourselves to lead a team to success in fast-paced, time-sensitive strategic tasks.


Test your ability to think and act strategically, executing your strategy through others and driving engagement at all levels of your team.


Take turns leading the simulation, giving all of you real-time experience seeing through the eyes of team members and facilitators.


Practice the art of giving and receiving relevant feedback and how to create a healthy feedback culture with your teams.

IDEX Corporation has partnered with DX Learning for more than five years to support our leadership development. They have taken time to understand our business and culture to create tailored events for our leaders. DX Learning consistently provides impactful learning experiences through their hands-on simulations structured with numerous opportunities for giving and receiving feedback.

For even the most senior leaders, their leadership simulations highlight the tenets of successful leadership and force reflection on the impact their actions have on the teams they lead. Our participants left energized with practical actions to take as leaders in our organization.


Melissa Flores VP of Talent Management, IDEX

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