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Alex Draper
CEO & Founder, DX Learning

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Learn the soft skills that get the hard stuff done.

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Culture of 

Feedback shouldn’t be scary. It should be part of a teams’ day-to-day interactions. This keynote shares crucial tools to successfully establish and nourish a culture of candor in your team.

You’ll learn how to reduce biases that prevent effective feedback and receiver defensiveness through a simple methodology that relays valuable information through informal feedback loops. You'll also get useful templates to immediately apply for your 1-on-1s.

This way, you’ll create an effective environment for your team that’s psychologically safe and welcomes an unthreatening, candid, and informal feedback culture.

Unlocking the Collaborative Potential of Your Team

Our leadership speaker helps you turn the key to unlocking your teams’ true potential. Empathy.

Learn the difference between heuristics, stereotypes, and prejudices, to understand how your team really feels. By practicing genuine empathy, with fast and slow thinking, you’ll re-wire natural biases and assumptions to meet your team where they’re at.

From here, you’re able to truly relate to each team member, tailoring support to individual strengths and weaknesses to know where to build stronger relationships that lead to more effective collaboration.

We’ll also consider how to overcome hybrid working challenges using empathetic leadership.

Culture is a Mirror of Leadership

How do we ensure our teams embody company values so they’re not just words on an ‘About Us’ page? It starts with leadership.

Leaders “owning” the culture, not just “talking” about it or delegating to others.

This keynote’s a beginner’s guide to concepts including ‘cultural debt’ and ‘culture conning’ and how to manage them. Equally, how culture is a top-down initiative and not just a list of values.

We also cover social learning theory and modeling behaviors, and how to re-wire primal biases for modern leadership in, and out, of the office.

Psychological Safety:

The Most Important Factor in Determining Team Effectiveness

In this keynote, we tell all about the most important factor for high-performing teams. Psychological safety. What it is (and isn’t), giving you tools and resources to create and nurture those behaviors.

We apply our own CARE Model, enabling leaders to create psychologically safe environments to improve team effectiveness.

You’ll take away new skills to strengthen interpersonal relationships and communication with optimum amounts of clarity, autonomy, relationships, and equity®.


CARE: Driving DEIB Through Leadership

DEIB is one thing. A sense of belonging is another. This keynote will show you, as a leader, how to drive DEIB initiatives, creating a workplace where diversity is genuinely sought out, inclusion is a base operation, and everyone feels they belong.

You’ll understand why so many DEIB initiatives fail, breaking down each aspect so you don’t fall in the trap.

As such, you’ll know how best to approach individuals to capitalize on their unique flairs. Don’t just lead with equality, lead with equity.

The Neuroscience of Leadership

Leadership's an unnatural act. No one’s born a great leader and only 10-15% of leaders are self-aware.

That’s why we’ve designed this keynote. To explore the challenges of leadership through a neuroscientific lens to re-wire biases and enhance self-awareness for successful, modern leadership.

You won’t need a mirror, but we get you to actively reflect on your own natural tendencies, as humans. We explore those unconscious, and conscious, behaviors that govern, and disrupt, effective leadership.

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It was an absolute pleasure to attend. Alex is a dynamic speaker with an incredible ability to deliver thought-provoking content in a kind, humorous, and radically candid way. He pulled the audience into the stories illustrating the C.A.R.E. model for creating a psychologically safe environment. The session was filled with fun practice opportunities. Our team was excited to implement the best practices learned in the session upon returning from the conference.

Daniela Sekiya, Learning & Organizational Development Specialist, Colorado Access

I had never heard the term 'psychologically safe' in terms of work, but have several times times since this session. It was entertaining and kept us focused. I plan to take what I learned in this session and use it in work with my teams.

ATD22 Keynote Participant

I want to be as good as Alex someday! Fantastic, dynamic and great!

ATD22 Keynote Participant

This was an incredible session! So spot on and fabulous!

ATD22 Keynote Participant

Amazing, high engagement and full of great information! Thank you!

ATD22 Keynote Participant

This content was extremely useful in the workforce today. I feel like I gained a lot through attending!

ATD22 Keynote Participant

Favorite breakout of the day. Very interactive, loved the transparency and vulnerability of the presenter. Entertaining as well!

Keynote Participant at Metro Milwaukee Metro SHRM Spring 2022 Conference

Such great takeaways, presentation style and quick impactful exercises!

Keynote Participant at Metro Milwaukee Metro SHRM Spring 2022 Conference

Alex has an amazing presence and is highly effective at delivering an actionable and inspirational message. Our audience was engaged and participated enthusiastically with the interactive portions of the presentation. The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. I highly recommend Alex as a keynote at your next event.

Janie Schumaker, CEO, Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing

 Besides hearing from such a dynamic speaker (Alex makes it seem like he’s having a one-to-one conversation with just you), I appreciate the model's simplicity and straightforwardness. It makes it easy to apply, gives action items, and integrates easily into everyday leadership life.

Sara Hartsell, Senior Learning & Organizational Development, Colorado Access

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