The Neuroscience of

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You're leaders. You're busy. When your brain takes on a high cognitive load, this is when your decision-making and problem-solving sharpness declines.

You rush to solve. Multi-task. You assume unnecessarily. Bad habits creep in. Biases beat logic. There’s over 165 of them to fight, too.

Remember, it’s OK to slow down. Fight those biases and assumptions. Allow yourself – and your team – time to find well-reasoned answers to problems and reduce cognitive stress. Make time your friend, and not your enemy.

Download the key takeaways from today’s keynote session to start actively re-wiring your brain to build new habits and become that people-first leader your team remember forever. These include a list of questions you can ask yourself and your team as well as data and actions you can take back to the office, tomorrow.


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