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We’re Wiping Out Bad Leadership

We’re here to show leaders at all levels how to change the workplace. Stripping the bad from bosses clears the way for a corporate culture that cares. We create leaders who put people first.

Bad bosses. Inevitable, but not incurable. You have the power to do something about it and build a great culture with a consistent approach for how your leaders should treat their people.

When you know in your heart of hearts that your leaders aren’t living your culture, then take the lead. Change it for the better. Right here, right now. Wipe out whatever's holding you back and ditch tradition. And the only way to change for the better is through a hands-on, inclusive leadership training experience. Be the one everyone looks to for change - and deliver it.

Got a Conference, Team Offsite, Town Hall, or Company Meeting Coming up?

We’ll spice things up, make an immediate impact and have your people wanting to come back for more. Need to shake things up? Do some tough talking? We’ll be your wingman. Give some hard truths. Passionately show all your leaders a better people-first way.

And who better than our CEO, Alex Draper? An inspirational speaker, responsible for inspiring tens of thousands of leaders, globally.

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If You Care, They Will Care Back

Our CARE model is the foundation of people-first excellence. Turning your managers at all levels into great leaders who inspire their teams and create a culture of psychological safety.

We educate and motivate your leaders to be honest with themselves and their team. Get rid of their blind spots and drive them forward with a growth mindset.

It’s not a case of reinventing things. It’s simply bringing your culture to life - living your values through CARE and taking performance and well-being to a higher level.



Inclusive Leadership Training for Leaders

We create a training pitch for your leaders. They come along; they get it wrong. They get coached and learn. 

They know the right thing next time and get a healthy dose of humility along the way. It then makes it easier for your teams to follow your leaders. For them to believe, trust and feel confident in the day-to-day battles of their job.

In effect, your leaders are learning to coach others with a game plan using emotional intelligence and people-first skills. And it shows, we know people will go the extra mile.



Breaking Bad Leadership Habits

Break up with your bad habits. Realize there’s no such thing as leadership nirvana. Your leaders can always be improving. There’s only one thing holding them back: themselves. That's why all of our programs are designed to inspire self-improvement and prepare today's leaders for the demands of tomorrow.

Let’s get your leaders to take a long hard uncomfortable look at themselves and change for the better. We’ll remove the roadblocks: the denial, the blame game, always being on the back foot. No one was born to lead. It takes the opposite of what their brains are telling them to do. As the name suggests, we re-wire bad habits and change them into effective people-first habits.

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CARE is a genuine program which can bend and evolve with any organization.


Participating in The Alignment Shift introduced to me to skills you never let go of. The dynamic learning environment they create helped show me where I can step up as a new leader to clearly outline the expectations for my team, and check in with them more often to help keep us and our projects on track.

The Alignment Shift Participant

As we were put to the test in coaching simulations, we could see the focus necessary to make real change in our own behaviors. The idea of coaching by asking more questions and telling less allows our teams to become more self-serving and not as reliant on leadership to tell them what to do.

Dan Troy, Director of Business Operations, TEKsystems

If I had done this two years ago, I wouldn't be divorced right now.

The Feedback Shift Participant
EDX - For Senior Leaders

For even the most senior leaders, their leadership simulations highlight the tenets of successful leadership and force reflection on the impact their actions have on the teams they lead. Our participants left energized, with practical actions to take on as leaders in our organization.

Melissa Flores, IDEX
EDX - For High Potential Leaders

Our journey with DX Learning has been invaluable. The training is very unique, has an intense, competitive atmosphere, but is also fun and executed extremely well. Working through a business simulation outside of our everyday activities is a refreshing approach yet very similar to the real world.

Dawn De Carlo, Senior Learning Manager, TEKsystems

The Management DX simulations helped me hone in on different skills I need to work on outside of my clinical knowledge and gave insight on ways to improve with our team. I started in the department I oversee as a frontline caregiver, and now am in the director position.

Adam Brill, Director of Rehabilitation Services, Aurora Sports Medicine Institute

CARE really does drive business results. It drives an engaged culture. People are happier.

Laura Szitar, Chief People Officer, The Oncology Institute
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Psychological Safety.
The Best Way to Improve Performance.

If you want the best, your organization has to be its best—with leadership that puts its people first through psychological safety. Our solutions inspire just that.
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