Listen to Your People

As a leader, you need to listen to your people.

Listening to your team allows the opportunity for you to provide clarity, build relationships and create a foundation of trust.

At DX we have regular check-ins to set clear expectations, check we are on track, and allow the chance to listen to one another.

Listen to Alex, our DX CEO & Founder talk about how he helps his team feel heard.

Venting is ok

Allowing your team to have the chance to vent has many benefits. Imagine not having the chance to express what's on your mind? The good, the bad, and the ugly. For leaders, it's priceless data on how to better lead your team. But of course, you have to take feedback well and be comfortable with the fact that you and your team are not, and will not be perfect.


Falling at curbs, not cliffs

A growth mindset is stimulated by allowing mistakes and failures to happen and learning from them. The world requires us to be ever more flexible and agile. At DX, we have moved to 90 days sprints with defined goals, so I can empower my team and they feel trusted. Would you rather have lots of small mistakes, versus a few big ones?


Emotional regulation

Due to the challenges thrown up by current events, our teams are experiencing more emotions than they have had to deal with in the past, which means leaders need emotional intelligence to be the leader their teams need them to be. "We're all highly emotional right now and we need emotional intelligence to get through this."


Feedback is a
Powerful Gift

"Great leaders always say thank you for feedback, even if they don't agree with it".

Feedback is a powerful and essential tool, but you're not always going to like what you hear. It’s important to be prepared for when you inevitably receive feedback you don't like.

Here, our DX founder and CEO, Alex Draper describes how he personally handled this situation.


What's Important Right Now? Agile Teams

Unless you have clarity on your team, how on earth can you start to empower your people?

It's not always about doing the work that is within your comfort zone, it's about pushing your boundaries with the end goal in sight of making business better.

Having a growth mindset is a powerful mindset to have.

Can't Replace Human Connection

It is so important to remember that those who come to work for you are humans. All humans need some social connection and a sense of being “valued” to have a chance of feeling safe. Even if you can't get your team together, you can still do it virtually, all in the means to avoid talking about work-related stuff.

Whether it’s a team meeting, or 1-on-1’s, make sure you make time to connect with your team outside of the 9 to 5. 

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