Alex Draper
Ft. Alex Draper, CEO & Founder

Let’s Talk Leadership Series

Developing a culture of belonging. How I learnt from failures to keep the good ones.

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Six articles, each with a 30-second supporting video.
Alex Draper, CEO & Founder of DX Learning, shares his invaluable learnings and reflections on how to keep your most valuable employees. 
It's never been more pressing or relevant as employees re-evaluate what they value and engaging them to stay becomes more challenging.



Keeping the Good Ones

  • Who are the good ones? Why do they matter? Why are they leaving or staying?
  • What a company, and its leaders, can do to embrace their team's imperfections and keep the good ones.
  • Six questions to ask your team, as a leader, to create psychological safety with team members.


Bringing it Home

  • What we mean by the term 'bringing it home'.
  • Three lessons learned after a culture that failed to provide psychological safety to its employees.
  • Looking out for your team as a leader and when you can improve.


Culture Eats Strategy

  • Why is culture so important that it should top business strategy?
  • The sub-conscious things leaders do that destroy a healthy working culture.
  • DX Learning's programs that take culture management and improvement off your plate.


People First Leadership

  • The reason no one is born to be a great leader in the first place.
  • Mastering the recommended leadership styles to overcome barriers to putting people first.
  • The drivers that are more important than money when it comes to making your people happy.


What Have we Learned About Leadership?

  • The missing piece as to why America is behind the rest of the world in doing what's right for their workers.
  • What we have seen from clients when it comes to approaching modern leadership.
  • What - or who - makes the most difference and impact on company culture.


Sense of Belonging

  • What a great culture of belonging looks like regarding inclusion and empathy.
  • How to recognize and value the 'good ones' in order to keep them.
  • How leaders can be the North Star to drive a high-performing and highly-retained workforce. 

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