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Motivate your most promising leaders to focus on self-improvement, teaching them to think like students, act like coaches and meet the demands of today’s top talent. DX Learning’s EDX for high-potential leaders is an immersive 2-day experience that helps leaders develop their self-awareness and their abilities to engage and empower teams to be their best, and do their best.

Modern thinking for modern leaders.

Leaders, especially high potentials, are often put into a fixed mindset, and unaware of their leadership blind spots—and the bad habits that can hold them back. Bringing together neuroscience and learning-by-doing, EDX for high-potential leaders focuses on raising emotional intelligence and developing high-level people-first skills. This is the stuff great leaders are built on.

We highlight the critical building blocks of great leadership in an immersive environment that challenges the abilities of leaders with real-life strategic exercises. Leaders will leave our EDX simulations knowing what it’s like to be an executive, along with an action plan outlining what it’s going to take to get them there.

Did you know?

Senior leaders lacking in self-awareness are 600% more likely to fail to perform at the level expected of them.1

89% of executives consider their leadership pipeline an urgent issue.2

Companies spend $14 billion on leadership development that doesn't work.3


1. PDI Ninth House. “Accurate Self-Insight Decreases Derailment Risk,” Leadership Research Bulletin, Jan 24, 2013
2. https://hbr.org/2016/10/the-5-elements-of-a-strong-leadership-pipeline
3. Ibid

Wipe out what's holding them back.


DX Learning Solutions is founded on the radical belief that self-awareness and people-first thinking are critical elements of transformative leadership. Whether your high-potential leaders are newer or established in their roles, EDX offers a safe environment for your top talent to explore and fine-tune their leadership principles and overall performance.

Customizable to your culture, values and leadership model an 
designed to excite you and your people, EDX will give high-potential
leaders at all levels of your organization a much-needed dose of humility and self-awareness, helping them learn to lead by looking out for your people.

Program Highlights

Duration: 2-day simulation + 90-day habit reinforcement package

Designed for: All levels of high-potential leaders

Designed to: Develop and hone EQ leadership skills

Delivery: EDX for High-Potential Leaders can be customized to your organization and is scalable up to 100 participants

Focus: Leadership Development



EDX is part of the CARE model, a proprietary cultural diagnostic tool designed to help you map simple behavioral leadership improvements your organization needs to build psychological safety.

Your high-potential leaders will be...


Challenged to act as an executive and lead a team to success in fast-paced, time-sensitive strategic tasks.


Tested to think and act strategically, executing strategy through others and driving engagement at all levels of your team.


Leading simulations in turns, giving every participant real-time leadership experience seeing through the eyes of team members and facilitators.


Given the opportunity to give and receive effective feedback and learn to create a healthy feedback culture with your teams.


Coached by executives and senior leaders from your organization.

Our journey with DX Learning has been invaluable. The training is very unique, has an intense, competitive atmosphere, but is also fun and executed extremely well. Working through a business simulation outside of our everyday activities is a refreshing approach yet very similar to the real world.

The learning from this course can be applied to daily constructs, as well as long-term, higher level planning to empower a committed team towards the right goals. The resulting self-awareness is a game-changer for any leader—understanding who you are under pressure and how that impacts others can change the way you operate in any situation.


Dawn De Carlo Senior Learning Manager, TEKsystems

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