The Feedback Shift

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Create a culture of continuous improvement.

Designed to impact all levels of an organization, The Feedback Shift will teach you and your team how to effectively give and receive regular informal feedback and set your organization up to focus on positive communication that builds stronger relationships.  

Feedback is a gift.

Self-awareness is a key building block in self-improvement. But self-awareness doesn’t occur in a vacuum. That makes feedback critical. But only if it’s brain-friendly feedback—the effective and impactful kind. The Feedback Shift challenges talent at every level of your organization to take a hard look at their feedback habits and learn to turn them around. 

Did you know?


  • Work performance can improve by 12% with informal feedback

  • Only 50% of people act on the feedback they receive

Marshall Goldsmith.  What Got You Here Won't Get You There. Hyperion 2007.



  • Fear

  • Threat

  • Negativity

  • Timing

Sparking change and making it stick.


Whether you’re in senior leadership or an individual contributor, everyone can improve personal effectiveness by tackling the challenge of feedback. The Feedback Shift is a scalable experiential exercise designed to open eyes, encourage, re-train and reinforce how to effectively give and receive regular, informal feedback, helping to cultivate a healthy feedback culture in your organization.

There’s no substitute for learning by doing, so that’s exactly what The Feedback Shift guides you to do. Experiential exercises. Real-time simulations. Virtual reinforcement. These hands-on tools are designed to inspire self-improvement and clear the way for your team to build relationships founded on positive communication.

Program Highlights

Duration: 2-3 hours (virtual) or 4 hours (in-person) + 30-day reinforcement package

Designed for: All leaders + their teams

Designed to: Motivate people to provide regular, informal and effective feedback

Delivery: Virtual or in-person; designed to be scalable and customizable to your organization

CARE Focus: Relationships



TFS is part of the CARE model, a proprietary cultural diagnostic tool designed to help you map simple behavioral leadership improvements your organization needs to build psychological safety.

You and your team will learn...


Your current feedback habits - good and bad.


The science behind why feedback is challenging.


How regular, informal feedback improves performance.


How to effectively give and receive feedback (both planned and in-the-moment).


How to create a culture of feedback.


How to use a consistent feedback model.

A situation came up where I received constructive feedback from a co-worker and my initial reaction was to be defensive. I realized I have never taken the time to reflect on feedback that I receive. Prior to your meeting, I would have gone into the defensive mode, but instead I thanked her and took the weekend to reflect and put an action plan together so in the future I don’t alienate anyone when working in a group.


The Feedback Shift Participant

If I had done this two years ago, I wouldn't be divorced right now.


The Feedback Shift Participant

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