The Feedback Shift

Giving and Receiving Informal Feedback

The Benefit of Open and
Honest Two-Way Feedback

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Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The Feedback Shift is all about the gift of feedback. Improving everyone by open and honest two-way communication.


It’s all about your leaders using their words to inspire, as well as learning to listen back. This way people feel listened to and valued.

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Feedback is a Gift

Did you know work performance can improve by 12% with informal feedback?

Nobody grows in a vacuum.

Your people need to know how to grow. That’s why effective feedback’s so vital – it’s personal development. Not criticism, continuous constructive commentary so everyone knows how they’re doing.

You’re talking to the team about what is and what’s not working. In return the team feels listened to when they talk to you. Basically everyone feels they’re part of the team.

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What Those That Attend Will Learn…


A science-based feedback model to apply in every facet of life that works.


The power of active listening.


Making honest communication consistent and regular.


Getting over the idea of being too nice or that feedback is only negative.


Encouraging a culture of two-way feedback.


How to receive feedback more effectively.

Program Highlights


What Others Think of The Feedback Shift

TFS | DX Learning

A situation came up where I received constructive feedback from a co-worker and my initial reaction was to be defensive. I realized I have never taken the time to reflect on feedback that I receive. Prior to your meeting, I would have gone into the defensive mode, but instead I thanked her and took the weekend to reflect and put an action plan together so in the future I don’t alienate anyone when working in a group.

The Feedback Shift Participant
TFS | DX Learning

I worked with my team on how I felt I failed them in a meeting where I didn't know enough on the topic to be able to help them like I needed. I asked them questions around what I didn't know and asked for their opinion on how they would have wanted to see me approach the situation differently for future calls.

The Feedback Shift Participant
TFS | DX Learning

If I had done this two years ago, I wouldn't be divorced right now.

The Feedback Shift Participant
TFS | DX Learning

This course was engaging and fun while providing critical skills to leaders. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the group activities and the collective mindset that we build where feedback is an exciting gift.

The Feedback Shift Participant

Empower Through Words and Listening

Make sure your leaders are doing it right

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