Leaders need to manage, and managers need to lead. Trouble is, very few managers know when and how to do what. Let alone the difference between the two. They’ve likely fallen into inefficient thinking patterns without knowing it. What they need is a disruption of their thinking. To shake things up for the better, to change their habits of leadership.

Time to move to people-first leadership. It’s a radical shift that empowers leaders to live out the company culture and unleash the full potential of your business.

This is the value DX brings to the table.

Welcome to the Habit Shifters - virtual and in-person experiential leadership training that creates engaged, productive, and high-performing teams. DX Habit Shifter programs are based on a scientifically proven method that builds self-awareness and inspires leaders to make an immediate change. It’s time to knock those bad leadership habits out of the park.

Everyone all on the Same Page

Alignment is all about clarity. Everyone knowing what they’re doing and why. It’s time to remove assumptions. You know what they say about assuming - it makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. No more.

The Alignment Shift not only helps everyone get on the same page, but the same line of the same page. Your leaders will learn how to set clear, achievable goals and motivate their teams to succeed.

Being intentionally up front on aligning teams to a common purpose and goals is people-first leadership in action.

“85% of employees don’t know what their organizations are trying to achieve.”- Partners in Leadership, Workplace Accountability Study, 2014. This is what we are here to help wipe out. Time to transition from assuming to aligning.

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The Empowerment Shift

Getting your Leaders to Coach
the Best from Their Teams

Let's kill micromanagement. Leaders working not leading. Instead, let’s teach them how to think and act like coaches and bring out the best in their people.

This people-first leadership training empowers teams to feel safe and capable. No more feeling like someone’s always looking over their shoulder. We train managers to feel comfortable in letting go of control and trusting their teams to get the job done. There’s a two-way flow to this: a willingness to let go of control and be challenged by their team.

Leaders must become comfortable answering the difficult, awkward questions thrown their way by a fully empowered team. “Only 3 in 10 US workers strongly agree that at work, their opinions seem to count.”-Gallup.

So, create leaders who bring out the best in their people.

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The Benefit of Open and Honest
Two-Way Feedback

There is a saying that “no one grows, if no one knows”. This is what The Feedback Shift addresses: the need for open communication. In this program, leaders learn to get the right balance of positive and constructive feedback. Silence kills, being too nice does nothing and being offensive destroys.

Leaders need to learn how to say the right thing. It might be a tough talking to - leadership, after all, isn’t a popularity contest. Alternatively, it might be words of kindness, or being big enough to admit you’re wrong.

We work with all levels of your organization in teaching leaders how to create a two-way street of giving and asking for feedback. Being open and honest with people breeds trust, greater bonds, and a culture of feedback.

“Companies implementing regular employee feedback enjoy 14.9% lower turnover rates among teams.”- Office Vibe 2022.

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Participating in The Alignment Shift
introduced to me to skills that you never let go of.

Jim Pitts, SecurAmerica

I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the coaching simulation put on by Alex and DX. I've read books, attended seminars and received feedback in regards to how to coach properly, but the exercises quickly showed that I had a lot more to learn to be truly effective.

Dan Troy, Director of Business Operations, TEK Systems

If I had done this two years ago, I wouldn't be divorced right now.

The Feedback Shift Participant

Wipe Out Bad Leadership
Habits with DX

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