The Alignment Shift

Alignment. The shortest distance between two points.
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Guide Your Team in the Right Direction

How often have you heard, “communication is key”? Done effectively barely anything falls through the cracks. The Alignment Shift removes the gaps and blind spots. We teach the skills to motivate leaders to get everyone on the same line of the same book. Then the team knows exactly what they’re doing, why, and their role and responsibilities.
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High Performance Starts With Leadership Alignment

Did you know 93% of surveyed employees don’t fully understand their company’s business strategies and goals or how they’re expected to help achieve them?


It’s all too easy to assume everyone knows what they’re doing. Wrong. Don’t assume. Once it was common for leaders to create a plan, pass it off, push it down and, as if by magic, things get done.

No more.

Leaders need the skills to get everyone aligned. Knowing their roles. Otherwise, have their hands in every step of the process, and that just leads to micromanaging, not to mention, as a leader, you should be doing other things.


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What Those That Attend Will Learn…


Awareness of your natural alignment habits.


Finding your clarity blind spots.


The skills and tools to create an alignment culture.


Learn why proactivity beats reactivity every time.


Practice ‘real-life’ alignment to get match-fit.


How to apply the program immediately to your business.

Program Highlights


What Others Think of The Alignment Shift

TAS | DX Learning

At face value, alignment conjures such an 'every-person-for-themselves mentality'. Participating in The Alignment Shift with the DX team flipped this misconception on its head for me. Done right, it's the exact opposite. 


The Alignment Shift Participant
TAS | DX Learning

The dynamic learning environment they create helped show me where I can step up as a new leader to clearly outline the expectations for my team and check in with them more often to help keep us and our projects on track. The skills introduced to me here are the kind you never let go of.

The Alignment Shift Participant
TAS | DX Learning

I realized that I had made assumptions in my initial communication earlier this week and did not get a firm commitment. I corrected that this morning, effectively communicated the requirements and received commitment from the team.

The Alignment Shift Participant
TAS | DX Learning

As we were discussing the task, I realized we were going over the same issue many times which made me realize that we were not understanding each other. I stopped and revisited the words we were using, and then realized we were interpreting one word differently. After confirming the misinterpretation, we changed the word and we got aligned.

The Alignment Shift Participant
TAS | DX Learning

Our team is working on reviewing and updating some internal process document due to the company internal audit in two days. So, I used the clarity tools (why, what, when and who) to explain and assign tasks to the group. I have been following up with them, answering questions and providing them with the support they need. So far, we are 90% complete. It's due by the end of today.

The Alignment Shift Participant

Reduce Workforce Anxiety

Get your leaders to communicate effectively

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