Management DX (MDX)

Asking v. Telling


A revolutionary approach to leadership fundamentals.

Wipe out the habits that hold new leaders back and position them to lead by looking out for your people. Management DX is an immersive simulation focused on the key behaviors that lead to leadership self improvement for leaders of individual contributors. We create an active environment where leaders can test their knowledge and assumptions, discover blind spots early and get hands-on experience on how to plan, delegate, engage and give feedback.

Clear the way for frontline leaders.

The transition from being a doer to being a leader of doers rarely comes naturally. Used to being an individual contributor, new leaders often fail at recognizing how to get work done through others. Stuck in a mindset of doing rather than delegating and guiding, new leaders can fall victim to low team engagement, low productivity and low business results.

Management DX places your new leadership in an immersive environment that encourages self-awareness and improvement, and creates a safe place for them to test and turn their assumptions about leadership around. By applying skills in dynamic simulations, leaders can accelerate their leap to successful leadership by addressing and overcoming common roadblocks like communication, influence and team-member development.

Did you know?

43% of new leaders struggle to build and lead teams.1

60% of new leaders get promoted and fail.2



Why we call experience the best teacher.


For our EDX leadership simulation, our learning architects expertly balance immersive self-discovery techniques with the latest research into how the brain learns. It offers a safe environment to explore and uncover all of your personal leadership characteristics and map out the behavioral leadership solutions needed to improve yourself and your organization.

Customizable, scalable and designed to excite you and your people, EDX will give you and your entire leadership team a much-needed dose of humility, helping you think like students, act like coaches and rise to the demands of today’s top talent.

Program Highlights

Duration: 8-hour simulation + 90-day habit reinforcement package

Designed for: New + frontline leaders

Designed to: Accelerate leadership success at the frontline level

Delivery: MDX can be customized to your culture and is scalable up to 200 participants

Focus: Leadership Essentials



MDX is part of the CARE model, a proprietary cultural diagnostic tool designed to help you map simple behavioral leadership improvements your organization needs to build psychological safety.

Your new leaders will learn...


The importance of planning and how to set direction for their team.


Why delegation matters and how to empower teams for successful execution.


Why people engagement is so important and how to improve.


Why feedback is critical and how to use it as a method for continuous improvement.


That leadership is not a part-time job.

Management DX helped me hone in on different skills I need to work on outside of my clinical knowledge and gave insight on ways to improve our team. The strategies we reviewed were empowering and will help with my own confidence level in getting things accomplished. Things definitely will be different moving forward—I am excited to put it into practice.

Adam Brill LAT, ATC, PES, Director of Rehabilitation Services,Aurora Sports Medicine Institute

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