MDX: Management Leadership Simulation

Move From Managing to Leading
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Clear the Way For Frontline Leaders

Leadership is difficult. Great leadership is learned.


Think of this as cadet school. A boot camp.


Getting new leaders to get work done through others. To get out of the trenches, to stop doing, and to start leading, delegating and inspiring those they lead.

We Call Experience the Best Teacher

Our learning architects expertly balance immersive self-discovery techniques with the latest research into how the brain learns.

It offers a safe environment to explore and uncover all of your personal leadership characteristics and map out the behavioral leadership solutions needed to improve yourself and your organization.
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Discover Financial
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A Revolutionary Approach to Leadership Fundamentals

Did you know 60% of new leaders get promoted and fail due to a critical miscalculation in the decision process for selecting who is ready for 'next level management?


Would you get into a plane knowing the pilot had not being trained effectively? If your people haven’t led before, how do they know what to do? How do they let go of control and be comfortable not doing, but leading?


Management DX (MDX) motivates and educates them on how to be successful leaders. Ones that get results and engage their teams. Through intense simulations, the transition to leadership involves learning how to plan and communicate that plan, delegate, and engage and grow the team. All while – most importantly – enjoying this process.

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What Your Leaders Will Learn…


The need to plan and align the team’s direction.


Why delegation matters and how empowerment leads to success.


The importance of engagement and how to do it effectively.


How feedback up and down the line helps everyone grow.


Expertly balancing the art of leading and managing expertly.


The importance of the growth mindset in effective leadership.

Program Highlights


What Others Think of Management Leadership Simulations

MDX | Management Leadership Simulation

Management DX helped me hone in on different skills I needed to work on outside of my clinical knowledge, and gave insight on wats to improve our team.

Things will definitely be different moving forward.

Adam BrillLAT, ATC, PES, Director of Rehabilitation Services, Aurora Sports Medicine Institute
MDX | Management Leadership Simulation

I learned about the concept of providing specific situational feedback and respective actions.

MDX Participant
MDX | Management Leadership Simulation

I had an interaction just this week where I made an assumption that a manager I handed a task to previously, knew it was not necessary anymore.

I quickly realized I had not communicated that to them. I apologized for the added work and thanked them for letting me know they were still doing that task as it was previously requested.

MDX Participant
MDX | Management Leadership Simulation

I had a very engaging conversation with someone on my team who I saw was a little beat down. By the end of the discussion they were smiling and it felt as if they needed the conversation.

MDX Participant

Turn Your Managers Into Leaders Now


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