The Alignment Shift

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Guide your team in the right direction.

Empower your leaders to stop the blame game, reduce inefficient allocation of resources and shift your organization to be proactive about plans, goals and objectives. In The Alignment Shift, your leaders will learn to set clear expectations, gain the team's commitment to those expectations and follow up actively to ensure success. This is our simple three-step process for successful alignment, and a proven way to provide clarity, motivate and steer your teams in the right direction, so everybody wins.

High performance starts with alignment.

A Harvard study found that a shocking 93% of employees don’t fully understand their company’s business strategies and goals or how they're expected to help achieve them. Alignment is the bridge—the key to fulfilling expectations, motivating teams and meeting goals. Common pitfalls to doing this effectively include: assuming everyone is on the same page, developing a plan and carelessly handing it off, not making the time to have a plan in the first place, blaming others for not doing their part, defining roles and responsibilities poorly and micromanaging. The Alignment Shift will highlight these blind spots and demonstrate how using our three-step process will guide your team to alignment successfully.

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Did you know?


85% of employees don't know what their organizations are trying to achieve.

Partners in Leadership. Workplace Accountability Study. 2014

3 Steps to Alignment

  • Set clear expectations.
  • Obtain team's commitment.
  • Follow up.


Helpful tips:
  • Write it down.
  • Stop. Think. Act.
  • Shake on it.

Change the workplace as we know it.

Our mission at DX Learning is to clear the way for organizational cultures that care. When it comes to alignment, this starts by understanding the hardwired roadblocks that stand in leaders’ way: We struggle to find time to support teams. We struggle to be proactive rather than reactive. And, we struggle with conflict.

The Alignment Shift brings together science and immersive learning to help your leaders reflect on their natural leadership habits, good and bad, and embrace their roles as hubs of information and direction for teams. The program’s experiential format emphasizes self-awareness and the behaviors needed to create a culture that prizes clear communication—setting expectations, obtaining commitments and following up.
DX Learning Solutions is founded on the radical belief that self-awareness and people-first thinking are the building blocks of transformative leadership. Our programs bring together neuroscience and learning-by-doing to inspire self-improvement, showing you and your teams how to break from the bad and learn to lead by looking out for your people.

Program Highlights

Duration: 4-hours session + 90-day reinforcement package

Designed for: All leaders

Designed to: Motivate leaders to align teams with a common purpose and clear expectations.

Delivery: TAS is scalable, customizable to your culture and designed so it can be led by us or internally by you.

CARE Focus: Clarity



TAS is part of the CARE model, a proprietary cultural diagnostic tool designed to help you map simple behavioral leadership improvements your organization needs to build psychological safety.

You and your team will learn...


Experience your own natural alignment habits.


Identify common cognitive biases that lower alignment.


Utilize best practices to deliberately create an alignment culture.


Understand the importance of proactive alignment instead of reactive blame.


Practice good alignment skills in real-life simulations.

At face value, alignment conjures such an every-person-for-themselves mentality. Participating in The Alignment Shift with the DX team flipped this misconception on its head for me. Done right, it’s the exact opposite. The dynamic learning environment they create helped show me where I can step up as a new leader to clearly outline the expectations for my team and check in with them more often to help keep us and our projects on track. The skills introduced to me here are the kind you never let go of.


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