Our learning experiences lead to new and compelling acts of leadership.


This in turn drives visible and immediate change within the organization.

Based on a 6-stage methodology, proven by neuroscience and experienced by more than 100,000 participants in the last 5 years, the DX method is the only experiential learning program where participants literally play themselves.

This makes the learning process extremely efficient, and the learnings immediately applicable. So effective is this approach, that every time the experience is repeated, the participant becomes even more self-aware.

DX experiences are quickly and easily adapted to your own company’s values and leadership framework. The focus is not on sharing ever more models and new knowledge, but on embedding vital skills that will motivate people at every level in the business, to achieve more.

Our 6-Step Methodology

Each of our experiences expertly balances immersive self-discovery techniques with the latest research into how the brain learns and works. All six steps are designed to work seamlessly in sequence to help leaders break up with their bad habits for good.


Growth Mindset






Best Practices





Leading with CARE

Scalable training for a more human workplace.

Develop teams that feel empowered to speak their mind, innovate, collaborate effectively, and stay in the game.  The CARE Experience™ is a scalable, experiential leadership awareness-building tool for managers to identify what they need to successfully lead diverse, dispersed teams, aligned to your organization’s culture and values.

Participant Perspectives

“I liked the human-focused approach. In my previous courses on remote leadership, it was never a stressing point, but it helps tie all the needs together instead of being just a checklist.”

“I think this is a good course for both experienced and non-experienced managers—for different reasons. For new managers, it will help them get started on the right foot. For experienced managers, it could help them develop their skills more.”

DX Habit Shifters

The Alignment Shift

Designed to improve your team's clarity, TAS helps you learn to stop the blame game and get your organization to be proactive about goals and objectives with clear expectations, commitment and follow up.

The Empowerment Shift

Created to promote every team members' autonomy, TES unleashes the inner potential of your teams by teaching them to trust in their talents, change the way your leaders think and act and embrace an empowerment mindset.

The Feedback Shift

For teams who struggle with feedback, TFS helps create a culture of continuous improvement by flipping the script on how your people view feedback at all levels of your organization.

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DX Leadership Simulations

EDX for Senior Leaders

Our EDX for executives simulation concentrates on reviewing high-level people-first skills, strengthening self-awareness and putting this refreshed leadership outlook to the test in real-life strategic exercises.

EDX for High Potential Leaders

This immersive, two-day leadership experience helps motivate future and emerging leaders to develop their self-awareness and their abilities to engage and empower teams to be their best.


Management DX is an immersive simulation focused on the key behaviors that lead to self-improvement for leaders of individual contributors, creating an active environment for learning.

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