Achieving ROI from Leadership Keynote Speakers

    The ROI of a leadership keynote speaker isn’t just how many people show up. If the right leadership keynote speaker delivers, the ROI is something you and your teams will feel forever.

    Maximizing Leadership Keynote Speakers’ ROI

    Remember: the purpose is growth. A leader’s job is to grow the business, grow teams, and themselves. Leadership keynote speakers all have their own unique expertise, attributes and ways to engage participants and create valuable impact.

    A ‘seen it all before’ leadership keynote will have participants bored, sat thinking about what they’re going to make for dinner, and relieved to get back to their desks. Or worse, seeing it as a hollow, one-off effort on the part of their organization, and another reason to get annoyed with HR.

    Engagement isn’t just needed on the day. There are essential steps for the organization and leadership keynote speakers to take, before and after, to maximize the leadership keynote’s ROI.

    The Value of Leadership Keynotes for Team Development

    Boosting Team Morale and Engagement

    Corporate keynote speakers not only give stressed out leaders a break from their daily routine, but also an opportunity to connect outside of their typical workspaces. You’re creating a fresh new forum for sharing experiences, adversities, key messages, and focus areas, led by an objective, outside voice who should be capable of calling out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    Low engagement and lack of team morale costs $7.8 trillion in lost productivity every year (Gallup), not to mention the impact on retention, customer relations, innovation, and internal conflict. But engaged employees are 28% more productive. Leaders need to know this is their responsibility. They create the environment for positive employee experience.

    The best leadership keynote speakers incorporate interactive elements to create a deeply transformative experience that show blind spots and areas that need attention. Corporate keynote speakers should inspire audiences to dig deeper, value their strengths, and develop a “can do” (“try and stop me”) attitude. It’s like filling the office water cooler with Gatorade.

    Enhancing Leadership Skills and Collaboration

    When you’re experiencing a leadership development keynote, everyone in the audience can lead from their seat, even individual contributors. The best keynote speakers ensure that people leave with new skills they can immediately put to action to enhance roles, teams, and personal development.

    Leadership development keynote speakers help break down silos and guarded relationships, equipping people to better tackle challenges by working together.

    Strategies for Maximizing the Impact of Leadership Keynotes

    Identifying the Right Leadership Keynote Speaker

    You need a leadership keynote speaker who brings the essentials to the stage:

    • Content that is clear, credible, and focused on audience pain points.

    • Performance that is authentic, engaging and resonates.

    • Communication that is emotive and trustworthy.

    You can learn more about how to choose the right leadership keynote speakers here.

    Aligning Keynote Content with Team Objectives

    Team building keynote programs should never be “off-the-shelf.” They should always be customized to address key issues that your team face with a focus on encouraging empathy among people.

    What does your organization want to achieve over the next 12 months? Improved mental health for growing teams? To double-down on DEI? When everyone views the team-building keynote as an integral part of the growth plan and understand how it will benefit them, they feel cared for, respected, and can absorb the content on a deeper level.

    Preparing Your Team for the Keynote Experience

    The leadership keynote speakers in high demand are the ones who engage with organizations ahead of time to figure out the unique aims and challenges your teams are facing. They help with pre - and post - event engagement, through surveys, Q&As, sharing of key points, and 6-month reviews, for example.

    Encouraging Active Participation and Open-Mindedness

    Encouraging active participation in team-building keynotes activates the team culture your organization aspires to achieve. Are there any experiences teams can raise during the Q&A to provide insight or ignite a healthy discussion? Make it clear this team-building keynote will be a safe space, dedicated to individual, team, and organizational growth.

    Truly great leadership keynote speakers’ unbiased insight into the industry and how people work will take their audience on a refreshing adventure, challenging them to think out of the box and see new viewpoints. Their words and stories will light up brains years after the session has ended.

    Implementing Post-Keynote Action Plans and Follow-Ups

    ‘Knowing’ how to do something doesn’t magically transform into ‘doing.’ There’s an integral step that many organizations and leadership keynote speakers miss…

    By adding coaching, the leadership keynote increases productivity to 88% (Olivero, Bane & Kopelman).

    Bridge the ‘knowing-doing’ gap, lock in the learning, and build a culture of action, to ensure the best ROI from your corporate keynote speaker:

    • Connect with the keynote speaker for additional training via seminars, webinars, and on-site visits.

    • Follow-up the leadership keynote with an on-site breakout session where leaders can roll up their sleeves and work with the keynote speaker to solve real, current challenges.

    • Work with the corporate keynote speaker to implement new best-practices via webinars, weekly and quarterly check-ins, and refresher content.

    Achieving ROI from Leadership Keynote Speakers_Blog_DX Learning

    The DX Learning Advantage: Alex Draper's Expertise
    Alex Draper's Background in Leadership

    Starting out as a trainee school teacher in the UK, keynote speaker and DX Learning’s CEO, Alex, has been shaping adult education and leadership training since 2002. In 2015, he founded DX Learning with the mission of wiping out bad leadership.

    Alex has helped develop and unlock the leadership potential in over 30,000 people with DX’s leadership programs, using science-based methodologies that drive self-awareness, emotional intelligence, inclusivity, and psychological safety.

    Watch Alex in action here.

    The Impact of Alex Draper's Keynotes on Teams

    For a team to truly be engaged and high performing, every person needs to have a human connection with each other. Without it, biases creep in that lead to assumptions and judging, inhibiting real collaboration and innovation. That human connection is exactly what Alex creates as a leadership keynote speaker:

    “Life changing. Convicting. Motivating. Inspiring. Driving. Transformational. It sounds like a spiritual experience, I know. But it was actually just spending time with Alex Draper, as he introduced us to CARE.”

    Alex’s leadership development keynotes include: ‘Culture is a Mirror of Leadership’, ‘The Neuroscience of Leadership’, and ‘Psychological Safety.’

    What Sets DX Learning Apart in the Leadership Training Space?

    Everything we do is about motivating human change through psychological safety.

    Every leadership development keynote Alex designs has our Six Step Methodology woven into it. Every experience expertly balances immersive self-discovery techniques with the very latest research into how the human brain learns and works, to create lasting habits that leaders will take with them outside the classroom and into their daily lives.

    To make change permanent, repetition, accountability and tracking are essential best-practices. So, Alex provides consistent training and ongoing coaching to ‘lock-in-the-learning’.

    Book a consultation today to talk to Alex about designing a custom leadership development keynote.

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